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Post codes in Egypt

مواضيع مرتبطة

  • الرقم البريدي للقاهرة
  • Postal Code Egypt Cairo
  • Egypt Post Code
  • Egypt Zip codes


  • A postal code (known in various countries as a post code, postcode, or ZIP code) is a series of letters and/or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of ...

  • 18/03/31 · voip calling service to call egypt phone lines

  • the SWIFT codes - Swift Codes or BIC Codes for all the Banks in the world. You can find it here!

  • I am living In Cario,Egypt...I need to know whats my ZIP code...cuz in some sites whom i need to send me some information they ask me about it...

  • This list shows an overview of postal code notation schemes for all countries that have postal or ZIP code systems.

  • Dialing codes for Egypt ... International dialing code: +20. If you are aware of any inaccuracies in the data provided in this section, please contact us with the ...

  • 03/11/32 · Ok there will be new codes for Egypt’s mobile phones and do not ask why because I do not know. The new codes will work from this month.

  • What is the post code of Egypt? 11341 differs from area to area but that's most of the areas What is the Postal code for Giza Egypt? El garanus, 61713, Eygpt

  • تتحدث عن مصر و مستقبلها و علاقتها بالعرب و الأمة الإسلامية من وجهة نظر صاحبها (by Ahmad Abdullah)

  • 15/12/29 · Post office tracking blog offers tips how to track and trace consignment on respective local post office, locate lost parcels, mails and packages, find ...

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